Empowering people with technological skills



AWNET ICT COLLEGE is an online skill acquisition institution of technical learning dedicated to offering quality ICT education at affordable cost to whoever wishes to have a vocational skill as we are poised to eradicating social vices or the practice/use of social vices as a means of livelihood..

As one of the best online ICT training colleges in the world, we employ success-driven strategies in the impact on our students.

Want to learn new skills? AWNET ICT College will be able to help you do it.

We combine online tools for our lectures with valuable work experience giving you the vital skills you need for a secure future no matter the economy.

We are committed to providing access to quality, affordable technological education, programmes and opportunities that meet your individual and collective needs. You are at the heart of everything we do at AWNET ICT College and each and every one of you matters to us.

We prepare you for life through developing your personal endeavor, enterprise and commitment to your course of study, together with preparing you for employment life AND INDEPENDENCE.

The College has built its reputation by carefully overtime physically, considering the needs of students, industry and economy; and by offering quality courses and pursuing a policy of students' success at subsidized rates. This is reflected in the superb quality of our lectures, experience of our instructors and wide range of learning resources, which ensure that our students are able to study professionally. Our continuing investment in our College is ultimately an investment into our students, who emerge from the College as confident and capable individuals, ready to move into employment or further education.